Karin Smith

Karin Smith www.greatartsweetheart.com email karin@greatartsweetheart.com 


I love using the tiles as a palette and facing the challenge of creating a 'painting' with the tiles that I have available to me.
All of the works below are sold but show the sort of work I do.
I would love to receive mosaic commissions. Expect to pay about $AU500.



Flowers and pears - after Margaret Preston
60cm x 50cm


30cm x 40cm



The original is a picture of Santorini from the Internet.
Mosaic 60 cm x 50 cm



The original is by Matisse - Reclining Nude.
Mosaic 60 cm x 45 cm



The original is by Matisse
Mosaic 60 cm x 45 cm


The view
Mosaic 60cm x 70cm


The original face is by Picasso.
Mosaic 50cm x 50cm



The original is by Edvard Munch - Chiaro di Luna.
Mosaic 60 cm x 60 cm